Middle management jobs will decline further

by Grace

If you’re hoping your college degree will earn you a spot on the track to middle management, read what Harvard economist Larry Katz said.

“A lot of traditional middle-class, upper-middle-class jobs have been disappearing. If you look at general managers and middle-management jobs, those are ones that have been in decline and will decline further,” he said.

While the article suggests that these types of jobs do not require a college degree, a quick scan of job listings indicates otherwise.

Medical diagnostic work such as radiology is another job category that will experience decline in the U.S.

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2 Comments to “Middle management jobs will decline further”

  1. The pundits have been saying that middle management will shrink ever since the recession of the early 80’s, but I don’t see it happening yet. However, mid-level skilled jobs, such as radiology, much of what lawyers do, accounting, software development, etc are very vulnerable to offshoring.


  2. Maybe we’ll still have as many middle-managers, but they just won’t be managing teams of postal workers or textile machine operators.


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