‘There are 80,000 bartenders in the United States with bachelor’s degrees’

by Grace

“There are 80,000 bartenders in the United States with bachelor’s degrees,” Vedder said. He says that 17 percent of baggage porters and bellhops have a college degree, 15 percent of taxi and limo drivers. It’s hard to pay off student loans with jobs like those. These days, many students graduate with big debts.

Richard Vedder and others argue that it’s not always the college education that causes college graduates to have higher lifetime earnings than non-graduates.  Rather, it’s that people who go to college are more disciplined and smarter than those who don’t.

More background here:  Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College? 


4 Responses to “‘There are 80,000 bartenders in the United States with bachelor’s degrees’”

  1. When I was in college, it was really popular to take a bartending course in order to have a fallback on graduation. I graduated into the Reagan recession, and 6 months post, it seemed that most of my friends were either temping or working as bartenders or waitresses. Or off to grad school!


  2. I’m sure many of the degreed bartenders are either in grad school or going to grad school, or in between jobs. It can also be a good part-time job for some people who want to supplement their day job income.



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