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July 20, 2011

The Common Application goes live on August 1st

by Grace

Marilyn G.S. Emerson has some suggestions  for rising high school seniors.

Don’t wait – begin now!  If you wait to begin the college application process until school resumes in the fall, you’ll find the added workload to be about the same as having added another full course!  Also, many unexpected things can occur during the fall of senior year that could prevent you from giving the application process your all.  So, don’t delay.

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July 20, 2011

New York leads with oversupply of lawyers

by Grace

Just how bad is the job outlook for lawyers? According to our quick analysis, every state but Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., and Nebraska produced more — in some cases, far more — bar exam passers in 2009 than the estimated yearly openings for lawyers in those states….

As is the case in every state, not all of these new grads will practice in New York. But the data still points to a surplus….

On the national level, there were nearly twice as many bar exam passers (53,508) in ’09 than openings (26,239).

Everything I’ve read indicates that the job situation has only deteriorated since 2009.  Going into debt to attend law school can be a very risky proposition.

Data for each state, including median wages, is at EMSI.

ADDED, relevant advice:  Do Not Go to a 3rd or 4th Tier Law School Unless You Are ‘God’s Little Snowflake’

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