Sobering student loan stories

by Grace

Like a rubbernecker driving past a horrific accident, I can’t help but slow down and read when I run across sobering college debt stories like these.

Erik Solecki
Student debt: $185,000
Degree: Bachelor’s in industrial engineering from Kettering University
Was my college degree worth it? Hell no….

Saniquah Robinson
Student debt: $82,000
Degrees: Master’s in Health Science from Chatham University; Bachelor’s in psychology from Temple University
After holding my Master’s for three years, I’m still fighting to find a Master’s level position….

Shane Dixon
Student debt: $72,800
Degrees: Master’s in public health from University of South Carolina; Bachelor’s in biology from Clemson University
In my early years after high school, I wavered between trade school and college, but eventually opted for college and earned a Bachelor’s in biology.

Michelle Shipley
Student debt: $140,000
Degree: Bachelor’s in political science and international development from Tulane University
Like many, I had no idea what money meant when I was 17. My family is not wealthy. I simply didn’t have the information or knowledge to know what it would be like now.

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