Top ten college scholarship myths

by Grace

Top ten myths courtesy of Mark Kantrowitz

  1. Only straight- “A” students win scholarships
  2. Only minority students win scholarships
  3. My child will get a full-ride scholarship
  4. Only athletes win scholarships
  5. Only the poor win scholarships
  6. Scholarships are just for high-school seniors
  7. The cost of private high school is earned back in scholarships.
  8. $6.6-billion in scholarships went unclaimed last year
  9. Colleges will just reduce other aid if a student has a scholarship
  10. Applying for scholarships is more work than it’s worth

My two cents

Myth 6:  I have no idea how to go about finding college scholarships for younger students, including those that Kantrowitz says students can apply to “as early as kindergarten”.

Myth 9:  I question this one if the “other aid” is need-based.  Most schools do not permit a student to “stack” merit money on top of need-based money.  Instead, a scholarship would simply reduce some or all need-based aid.  Anyone in this situation should check with the specific college before assuming stacking is allowed.


2 Responses to “Top ten college scholarship myths”

  1. Myth 6 actually refers to college scholarships that students can apply to “as early as kindergarten”. That’s a new one to me.

    On Myth 9, yes, even if stacking is not allowed, students can still benefit if grants take the place of loans and if the merit award amount exceeds your total need-based aid. (As long as it doesn’t exceed the COA)



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