‘The student loan racket’

by Grace

graphic overview of the student loan problem, including historical information showing how it was in the 1960s that the federal government stepped up its role in financing higher education.


One Comment to “‘The student loan racket’”

  1. Your “student loan racket” graphic is great!! Yes, with the world flirting with deep and extended global depression, we’re very worried about the the student loans default situation as well.

    We think it must get worse as time goes by and the spectre of a fully employed (or not) graduate body laboring the rest of their professional lives away, simply to repay hefty student loans, involving crippling interest rates, is the stuff of which horror movies are made.Then let’s not talk about those who struggle to find work, default their student loan and find themselves lumbered with bad credit scores for the next 7 years, unable to even scrape together a cell phone contract! it’s serious insomnia stuff!!

    And if it’s this bad in the US of A, what’s the prognosis of those in the land of the Acropolis?

    N E Way, The best of British luck to you.

    Enjoying the representation of your internet site, just as a side note. In the notorious words of our beloved Arnold S, “I’ll be back” (if you’ll have me)


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