I took a typing test

by Grace

Typing Test Score

Visit the Typing Test and try!

Hmm, not too bad for it being the first time and for not following the instructions.  I’d like to try again and see if I do better.


4 Comments to “I took a typing test”

  1. My first try was 57wpm (58 words with 2 errors). I found the sudden jump when you finished a line distracting, as was the bright read when you mistyped something. With practice, I could get used to those distractions and probably get my score in this test up to 60–65 wpm. The words are all rather short, though, and not representative of the words I usually need to type, so my typing rate is probably substantially lower on real text.


  2. Yep, my second try got me to 64wpm (62 words with no errors).


  3. I got 71 words per minute. Ok, I can’t do SAT math, but I can sure type fast. For my first job in book publishing at Random House, I had to take a typing test! (I got the job)


  4. You guys are making me look bad! I’m going to wait, but I’m sure I can get up to 55 at least. Isn’t 60 WPM the minimum standard for administrative jobs? I think that’s what I remember, back when people actually had secretaries.

    Next think I want to do is have my kids take this test. Now THAT will be interesting.


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