University of Chicago early applications increase 25% over last year

by Grace

University of Chicago’s 25% increase continues an upward trend and may be one of the largest among all colleges this year.

This continues a period of steady growth in the number of prospective College students of high ability who aspire to attend the University of Chicago….

Students who choose to apply early often view UChicago as their first choice, said James G. Nondorf, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Last year the College experienced similar growth in early applications, with an increase of 18.5 percent over the previous year. This year’s increase suggests that a growing number of highly accomplished students consider the College their leading option.

“This is a fresh indication of the passion that students around the world have for the distinctive academic culture at UChicago,” Nondorf said. “I am often struck by how well applicants of many backgrounds understand our traditions of open inquiry and diversity of thought. Our constant goal is to find students who would benefit from and contribute to the College’s legacy of intellectual adventure.”

Is it a “passion” for academic inquiry or is it a realization that an elite education can significantly increase their chances for future financial success?

2011 Early Application Trends:
1.  UChicago up +25%
2.  Duke up +20%
3.  Northwestern up +15.2%
4.  Brown up +4%
5.  Dartmouth up +3%
6.  Georgetown up +1.4%
7.  University of Pennsylvania down -1.3%
8.  Princeton reports 3,547 for SCEA (first year of accepting early applications since 2006)

UPDATE:  More schools listed at The Early Line on Early Applications for the Class of 2016 – NYT, 11/16/11

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