‘Gotta love rolling admissions’

by Grace

In the college applications process, rolling admissions are a way for a student to have a decision in hand as early as September of his senior year.  That can be a relief during a stressful time, knowing he has at least one good college option.  As a bonus for top students, news of merit awards sometimes accompanies the decision letter.

Dr. StrangeCollege gives us a good working definition of ‘rolling admissions”.

Rolling Admissions, often offered by large, public universities, provides a larger window for the application submission, followed by reported results within a few weeks. For example, a student could apply to Indiana University in the Fall and hear back from them in four to eight weeks. They provide deadlines for scholarship considerations, and applications received after April 1 are accepted on a space-available, case-by-case basis.

Here are other examples, including some schools that “roll” unofficially: Northern Arizona University, University of Alabama, University of Pittsburgh, Tulane, Drexel, Ohio Wesleyan

When making up a college search list, it might be a good idea to consider schools with rolling admissions.  In addition to the advantages, families should be aware that early notifications can mean that spaces can fill up early in the admissions cycle, possibly creating headaches for regular decision applicants.

Of course, parents of procrastinators can sympathize with this comment.

Rolling admissions would be great – if only I could get my kid rolling on his apps.


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