What does a college degree really signify?

by Grace

Glenn Reynolds puts it this way.

Right now, a college degree is an expensive signifier that its holder has a basic ability to show up on time (mostly), to follow instructions (reasonably well), and to deal with others in close quarters without committing serious felonies. In some fields, it may also indicate important background knowledge and skills, but most students will require further on-the-job training.

The “mostly” and “reasonably well” parts should be emphasized.

Another way to put it:

Guy managed to keep his partying under control for four years is what it tells us.

3 Comments to “What does a college degree really signify?”

  1. Thanks for this, Grace. Great article from Mr. Reynolds and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. Actually, I appreciate all of your posts and consider myself fortunate to have found your blog. Thanks!


  2. I appreciate the kind words, Jane! Likewise, your blog is good reading, chock-full of so much good stuff.


  3. Bonnie, I keep reading about that problem. Employers only want fully trained workers, and then they complain that they cannot find skilled employees. I’m not sure what to think.


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