Reed College nuclear reactor operated by students

by Grace

This is something different, a nuclear reactor operated by college students.

The Reed College Reactor Facility has been used for research and educational projects in the Portland area since its establishment in 1968. . . . The reactor is operated almost entirely by undergraduate students who are licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

It’s especially interesting to consider this juxtaposed with Reed’s reputation as a place “where students enjoy almost unlimited freedom to experiment openly with drugs”.

In any case, it’s reassuring to know that a “nuclear meltdown isn’t physically possible at a research reactor such as Reed’s”.  (At least, that’s what they tell us.)

Left: Reed College nuclear reactor. Right: Reed students celebrating at annual Renn Fayre.


One Comment to “Reed College nuclear reactor operated by students”

  1. I’m pretty sure that Reed is the only one run almost entirely by students. At least, that’s their claim.


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