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December 30, 2011

Kindle Fire – the end of deep and focused reading?

by Grace

After using it for about a month, I have found it is sometimes challenging to focus when reading a book on my Kindle Fire.  When I’m out and about I can often find free WiFi, which means I can access the Internet.  So I can relate to Alexandra Petri’s lament about her Kindle Fire.

Look, if you put the Internet on the device I am supposed to be using to read, I will never read again.

Can you blame me? I am only human.

I can’t focus. If all these studies about multitasking have taught us anything, it is that we all think we can multitask but no one actually can. In the course of writing this I have eight times run off and reloaded the page to see if anything had happened on YouTube that I should know about.

The end of reading books?

It’s not that people will stop reading. We do vast amounts of reading online every day — the equivalent of a good Hemingway novel. But it’s not deep but broad, not focused but fast.

Students need deep and focused reading skills to learn, so this possible trend is worrisome.

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