Another try at a typing test, but no improvement

by Grace

I took this typing test again, thinking I would have improved because I wasn’t trying my best when I first took it in November.  But my score stayed the same.  Bummer.

Typing Test Score

Visit the Typing Test and try!

The fastest 50 typists who tried this test over the last 24 hours had speeds ranging from 160 WPM down to 94 WPM.  I’m feeling very mediocre.


2 Comments to “Another try at a typing test, but no improvement”

  1. Mine was 109 WPM. I can consistently get over 100 WPM with 0 or 1 errors.

    I’m pretty sure that 50 WPM is still faster than most of the population. It’s amazing to me the number of people who use computers all day but still don’t type very well.


  2. Of course, I should remind myself that I probably cannot THINK faster than 50 WPM, so it’s probably good that I can’t type faster. 🙂


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