Two recent reports on college majors, salaries, and unemployment rates

by Grace

These two recent reports from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce  are good sources for information on college majors, salaries, and unemployment rates.

What’s it Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors – 5/11

Students’ choice of Majors is just as important as decision to get Bachelor’s Degree

On average, bachelor‟s degrees pay off. But a new study confirms that some undergraduate majors pay off a lot more than others. In fact, the difference in earnings potential between one major and another can be more than 300 percent.

Using United States Census data available for the first time, the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce is helping Americans connect the dots between college majors and career earnings. In the new report, What’s it Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors, this first-time research demonstrates just how critical the choice of major is to a student‟s median earnings.

Hard Times, College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal – 1/12


Study also finds that some BA’s outperform graduate degrees in the job market

Unemployment figures show the jobless rate for recent college graduates with Bachelor’s Degrees has been running at an unacceptable 8.9 percent. But, a new study from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce finds that unemployment among job seekers with no better than a high school diploma is a catastrophic 22.9 percent – and an almost unthinkable 31.5 percent among high school dropouts.

So, is college still worth it? A major conclusion of the new report is that it all depends on your major. And while a college degree gives job seekers a formidable advantage over those without, the study points out, not all degrees are created equal, and there are a number of factors that prospective students should consider before sending off their college applications.

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