Reminder that Wikipedia co-founder says we still need to memorize things

by Grace
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On a day when Wikipedia is blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA, I’m reminded of co-founder Larry Sanger’s admonition that the only way to begin to know something is to have memorized it.

But, for those bits of information that we haven’t memorized, the Washington Post offers some survival tips for today, including the suggestion to call some older folks for help.

This may also be a good day to take advantage of Encyclopedia Britannica Online’s offer of a free 24-hour trial subscription.


2 Comments to “Reminder that Wikipedia co-founder says we still need to memorize things”

  1. The easiest workaround in Firefox was to View->Page Style->NoStyle, since the blackout was just a style change.


  2. I didn’t discover a workaround until later in the day, but it turns out I didn’t miss Wikipedia very much. Although I usually use it a lot, yesterday the only time I noticed its absence was when I wanted to look up the age restrictions of Junior League membership. I probably used to know, but their name always makes me wonder. Of course, I could look up the actual Junior League website, right?

    ETA I probably just revealed a little insight into my attention-wandering ways when surfing the internet. (So THAT’S how I waste all this time online!)


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