College-educated women marry at higher rates

by Grace

I have to admit the fact that college-educated women marry at higher rates enters my mind when I think of my own children.

Educated women are still the marrying kind because they know intuitively what research concludes: children are more likely to succeed in school, go to college, and get good jobs if they grow up with their two married parents. Prepping your kids for a competitive knowledge economy is a time-consuming, devotional task; no wonder it works better with a steady, focused twosome.

An alarming statistic (to me) is that over 40% of American children are born to unmarried mothers, but the picture is very different for college-educated mothers.

… The latest Census shows that percentage of college educated women who have children outside of marriage is only about 6%. That’s an increase from previous years, but a very small one.

Is it any wonder that middle- and upper-class parents are so intent on ensuring their children snare a diploma from a ‘good’ college?  We think of it as the entry ticket to a happy family life.  However, the evolving landscape in higher education, including soaring costs and the possibility that traditional colleges may lose their monopoly on career credentialing, portends changes in how we’ll guide our children’s educational path in the years to come.  How soon will real changes come and what form will they take?  I wish I knew.

Of course, related to all this is the important point that correlation does not always indicate causation.

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