Kindle ‘Popular Highlights’ may become popular with college students

by Grace

The lazy college student finds ways to do less reading.

In the near future, it may be unnecessary to rely on used textbooks for another student’s highlights.  Instead, the “time-challenged” scholar will be able to use Kindle’s Popular Highlights feature to see what many other students considered the important passages in the textbook.

Q: What are Popular Highlights?
The Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Apps provide a very simple mechanism for adding highlights. Every month, Kindle customers highlight millions of book passages that are meaningful to them. We combine the highlights of all Kindle customers and identify the passages with the most highlights. The resulting Popular Highlights help readers to focus on passages that are meaningful to the greatest number of people. We show only passages where the highlights of at least three distinct customers overlap, and we do not show which customers made those highlights.

I’ve been noticing Popular Highlights in a book I’m reading for a continuing education course.  Although they are not particularly germane to the course I’m taking, as the highlights come up I can see how they could be very helpful in cases where hundreds of students are using the same book for the same course.


2 Comments to “Kindle ‘Popular Highlights’ may become popular with college students”

  1. Yes, not a good trend – shallow learning? (Since I do believe in the value of being able to “regurgitate” knowledge.)


  2. Your process makes sense. I’m a big fan of weekly quizzes. And you point out that going the easy route may actually hurt grades AND learning.


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