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April 19, 2012

What exactly is a Likely Letter?

by Grace

A good explanation of a Likely Letter comes from the University of Virginia Admission Blog:

What is a Likely Letter?
Around this time of year [early March], many colleges and universities send letters to some very strong students telling them that their applications are impressive. These letters are commonly referred to as likely letters, but you might also seen them called love letters or early writes.

Why do you send Likely Letters?
In this day and age, it’s hard to feel confident about admission. These letters let some of our strongest candidates know we were impressed by their applications. These letters are not specific to UVa. Selective schools around the country send them. Doing a search for “Likely Letter” or “Love Letter” on College Confidential will yield signs of them being sent by plenty of other schools.

It must be exciting to receive a Likely Letter from your dream school, but remember that it is not a guarantee of admission.

A quick recap:

  • Likely Letters are sent by many selective schools to some top applicants
  • The vast majority of applicants will not get a Likely Letter
  • Decisions are not finalized yet
  • Getting a Likely Letter does not equate to an offer into one of the scholars programs
  • Likely Letters are sent via standard mail

Do not read into the absence of a letter.

Apparently Likely Letters have been more likely this year.

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