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August 1, 2012

Quick Takes — the purpose of college, affluent public schools are not so great, ‘fracket’ definition, & more

by Grace

—  From Bill Henderson at The Legal Whiteboard, a description of what a college education should  produce 

…  a critical thinker who can reliably communicate, collaborate, gather facts, assess data, lead, follow, and approach problems with both empathy and objectivity.

It doesn’t seem that it should be that complicated or expensive.

—  Few affluent U.S. districts are world class (Joanne Jacobs)

This is from 2011.

America’s elite suburban districts rarely provide a world-class education, concludes When the Best is Mediocre, a study by Jay Greene and Josh McGee in Education Next. Their Global Report Card compares math and reading between 2004 and 2007 for most U.S. public school districts with the average in 25 developed countries that are “economic peers and sometime competitors.”

Well-to-do and politically connected families believe they’ve escaped mediocre schools by moving to affluent suburban districts, Greene and McGee write. But their children won’t be competing with inner-city students, when they grow up. In a global economy, they’ll be competing for top jobs with  top students from around the world.

In wealthy, white-and-Asian Beverly Hills, students score in the 76th percentile in math compared to other California students, but only in the 53rd percentile on the Global Report Card.

—  The more educated you are, the less time you spend on leisure activities.  It’s true for both men and women.

 … Men with at least some college chip in more on child care, shopping, and other chores, and are more engaged in civic and religious activities. They spend a little less time caring for other adults or repairing their houses and cars.   How the 2 Americas Spend Their Time (The Atlantic)

— ‘ Fracket ‘

One of those things parents don’t want to think about too much when their children go off to college.  Here’s a definition of fracket from the Urban Dictionary:

a jacket you wear to frats because you don’t mind if at the end of the night, it is covered in beer, frat sludge, or other unidentifiable liquids. Also, it is not a big deal if this jacket is lost during or stolen during the course of the night.

Person 1: Ah, I made the mistake of bringing my J.Crew pea coat out last night and now its covered in beer!
Person 2: You should have brought your fracket instead!

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