Cheap schools for out of state students?

by Grace

An email from a reader prompted me to look at public colleges and universities that are relatively affordable for out-of-state students. These schools might be of interest for student from states lacking public schools that are a good fit or for students eager to experience college in a place different from their home state.

Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges is a good resource for this purpose, allowing you to sort their list by various factors, including total cost for out-of-state students.  Kiplinger’s ranking is based on “measurable criteria, such as student-faculty ratios, admission rates, on-time graduation rate, sticker price and financial aid”.

Here are their top ten schools ranked by lowest cost for non-resident students. These schools are not in big cities, and some are in rural locations.  Truman State University, number four on this list, has been described as a “public LAC” and is notable for its automatic merit aid.

Kiplinger’s Top Ten Public Colleges
Ranked by Lowest Cost For Out-of-State Students *

* All costs are for out-of-state students.

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