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January 1, 2013

Top ‘Cost of College’ posts in 2012

by Grace

Posts that received the most page views on my blog in 2012:

  1. In a tough economy, graduates of top colleges available as personal assistants
  2. No, no, no! – $200,000 in debt after a degree in communications
  3. Online degree from London School of Economics for $5,000
  4. Only two of the top ten universities give out merit scholarships
  5. Stricter Pell Grant rules raise standards for ‘satisfactory academic progress’
  6. The Kerrigan method of ‘Writing to the Point’
  7. ‘jobs that pay the most for the least amount of work’
  8. Reminder – automatic zero EFC maximum income DROPPED TO $23,000
  9. Can webcasts replace 200-student college lecture classes?
  10. About

My top ranked post was linked by Instapundit, creating an instalanche for my blog.

Top search terms that brought visitors to my blog in 2012:

  1. london school of economics online degree
  2. lse online degree
  3. pell grant rules
  4. seton hall logo
  5. cost of college

Clearly I need to write a follow-up post on the LSE online degree.  The “seton hall logo” search popularity has always puzzled me.

Thank you for reading and commenting on Cost of College in 2012!

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