The Internet easily overtakes college as a way to meet marriage partners

by Grace

College and other traditional ways to meet marriage partners have become less important as the Internet surges in importance as a modern matchmaker.


From Searching for a Mate: The Rise of the Internet as a Social Intermediary, 2012, Michael J. Rosenfeld, Stanford University and Reuben J. Thomas, The City College of New York

College as a meeting place has not fallen as much as the other non-virtual options.  Along the lines of Susan Patton’s controversial recommendation to Princeton female students that they should find a husband on campus, here’s Ross Douthat’s perspective.

… the university campus is one of the few flesh-and-blood arenas that seems to be holding its own as a place to form lasting attachments. So for those Americans who do attend college, the case for taking advantage of its denser-than-average social landscape might actually get stronger as the non-virtual alternatives decline.

The Internet may be more efficient.

On the other hand, online dating sites allow you to specify a mate with particular college credentials.  Although I think you’d probably want a more subtle way to make your intentions known than putting this in your dating profile:  “Seeking Ivy League graduate.”

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