The latest round of diversity fly-in programs

by Grace

A list of upcoming fall 2013 diversity fly-in programs comes from a comment on CollegeConfidential.  Some schools that are included:

Barnard College — New York, NY
Bates College, Lewiston, Maine
Brandeis University — Waltham, MA
Colby College — Waterville, ME
Colorado College — Colorado Springs, CO
Davidson College — Davidson, NC
Franklin & Marshall College –Lancaster, PA
Grinnell College — Grinnell, IA
Kenyon College — Gambier, OH
Lewis & Clark College — Portland, OR
Occidental College — Los Angeles, CA
Pitzer College — Claremont, CA
Smith College –Northampton, MA
Swarthmore College –Swarthmore, PA
Texas A&M — College Station, TX
Tufts University — Medford, MA

Click the link above for the complete list and for more details.  These programs are tyrpically aimed at high school seniors who are “students of color, students who are the first in their family to attend college, and those who are from low income households”.  Most will cover all or part of related travel costs.

Participation in these events can put students on a college’s radar screen for potential diversity-related financial aid.

My son applied to two diversity fly-in events when he was a high school senior.  He attended one, which turned out to be a very informative experience.

GetMeToCollege has a more extensive list with more details, and another CollegeConfidential comment lists some additional schools.

If you are interested, move quickly in submitting your application because deadlines are approaching and these slots often get filled up quickly.  Even if you did not receive an invitation, you can contact the school letting them know you are interested.

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