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October 10, 2013

If each college major had its own slogan . . .

by Grace

If each college major had its own slogan, what would they be?

The responses from Redditors combined a kernel of truth with typical snarky humor.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • Linguistics: studied 17 languages, am fluent in none of them.
  • Biochemistry: Spend 4 Years Aspiring to Discover the Cure for Cancer, and the Rest of Your Life Manufacturing Shampoo.
  • Film and Television: because you didn’t know that you didn’t need the degree to work in the industry
  • Criminal Justice: We’re here because of Law & Order reruns.
  • Math: “Bet you thought this was going to involve numbers didn’t you?”
  • Parks Recreation and Tourism: Yes it’s a real major
  • Accounting! where the job market is not quite as grim.
  • Information Technology: Because Computer Science has too much math.
  • Business: because dad did it
  • Psychology: good luck doing anything until you get your master’s!
  • Engineering: The art of figuring out which parameters you can safely ignore.
  • Political Science: Hope you do well on the LSAT!
  • Marketing: The business degree for people afraid of math.
  • Computer Science (for a straight girl): The odds are good, but the goods are odd.
  • Finance: It’s not quite as bad as Accounting!
  • Business Admin.:”Because nothing else seemed interesting”
  • Graphic Design – where a professional with 25 years of experience can share the same job title as ‘your nephew who has Photoshop
  • Economics: We can explain why things happen. After they happen.
  • Journalism: it was useful in the 70’s
  • Nursing: it’s faster than Med school
  • Management Information Systems (MIS): people who couldnt be engineers

I started out as an English major and then switched to geology, so these hit close to home:

  • English: Are you a writer or teacher? No? Maybe this wasn’t a great choice…
  • Geology: Come because you’re tired of your other major and like to hike. Stay because there’s beer.

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