Top ‘Cost of College’ posts in 2013

by Grace

Posts that received the most page views on my blog in 2013:

  1. A warning to petroleum engineering students
  2. Only two of the top ten universities give out merit scholarships
  3. School bus drivers collect unemployment benefits during summer break
  4. No, no, no! – $200,000 in debt after a degree in communications
  5. Will a year of college cost $100,000 in 18 years?
  6. Online degree from London School of Economics for $5,000
  7. Purdue scholarship chart clearly spells out basics, but the devil is in the details
  8. Will checking ‘no financial aid needed’ help your admissions chances?
  9. Don’t pick a college major based on today’s hot jobs
  10. Reminder – automatic zero EFC maximum income DROPPED TO $23,000

Top search terms that brought visitors to my blog in 2013:

  1. london school of economics online degree
  2. university of chicago merit scholarships
  3. administrative
  4. how much will college cost in 2030
  5. guaranteed merit scholarships

The most popular post about petroleum engineering was linked by several widely read sites, including CollegeConfidential and Reddit.

The search terms data became less reliable this year since Google made changes in how it handles serch activity.  I’ve noticed inconsistencies in the way search terms have been reported for my blog.

Thank you once again for reading and commenting on Cost of College in 2013!


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