Text is not dead yet on the Internet

by Grace

Most of the time I’d rather read about it than watch a video when I’m consuming Internet content.  Here’s a commenter at Metafilter who seems to agree with me.

You want me to watch a 4:30 video of something i could read in like 45 to 60 seconds even if it was towards the thick end of content these videos ever have?…

More from this guy, who sounds quite worked up:

 … i don’t want to look at your fucking video to consume your content. I have no problem with videos, i just think they’re the wrong medium for a lot of things. Video of something specifically happening, or some visual/multimedia art? Cool. Video documentary of a situation or about a person? fine. Stupid video of someone talking about something with a couple still photos overlaid a few times? Fuck. OFF.

… People need to be asking themselves “What would be missing from this if it was simply written out, maybe with a couple inline images?”  …

… Text isn’t dead. Yea, videos get a lot of views, but some of the biggest currently popular sites on the web like reddit or tumblr are FULL of text.

His criticism is specifically aimed at Upworthy, a website for progressive viral video content.  From their “About” section:

Who’s your audience?

Basically, “The Daily Show” generation. People who care about what’s going on in the world but don’t want to be boring about it.

Yeah, that’s not me.  I’m sure part of it is a generational issue.

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One Comment to “Text is not dead yet on the Internet”

  1. I almost always skip videos on the web. They take too long and usually have advertising first. Plus, I feel like there is something lazy about dumping video on the web, rather than taking the time to write something concise and interesting.


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