Facebook: teens are leaving and old folks are rushing in

by Grace

We’ve been hearing that young people are leaving Facebook and migrating to Instagram and Snapchat.  The report on 2014 Facebook Demographics & Statistics shows some numbers behind this trend.

Top Insights:

1) Teens (13-17) on Facebook have declined –25.3% over the last 3 years.

2) Over the same period of time, 55+ (perhaps those teens’ parents and grandparents?) have exploded with +80.4% growth in the last 3 years.

3) Of the major metropolitan areas, San Francisco saw the highest growth with +148.6%, a stark contrast with Houston which saw +23.8% growth.

Young adults age 18-24 have also been leaving Facebook, although at lower rates than younger teens.


Based on my limited anecdotal evidence, Instagram is currently one of the hottest online tools for teens.



2 Comments to “Facebook: teens are leaving and old folks are rushing in”

  1. For boys at least, it isn’t Instagram. They are all congregating on the online game sites, which are functioning more and more like social networking sites. The worst of it is that we parents can’t possibly keep up because there are so many of these sites.


  2. Oh, that’s interesting.

    Parental oversight is HARD, with kids often setting up new accounts as a way to escape a parent’s supervision.


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