Charging $240,000 for a college degree is becoming more common

by Grace

The number of American colleges that charge more than $60,000 per year increased from nine last year to at least 50 this year.

The most expensive school in the country for the upcoming school year is Harvey Mudd College, charging $64,527 — $48,694 in tuition and fees, and $15,833 for room and board.

But very few people pay the full price.

That’s a total of over $258,000 for a four-year degree.  But keep in mind that about “88.9 percent of first-time, full-year freshmen received some kind of discount in 2013-2014”, so very few families are paying those exorbitant amounts.

Here are 50 colleges that charge more than $60,000/year.



Peter Jacobs, “There Are Now 50 Colleges That Charge More Than $60,000 Per Year”, Business Insider, July10, 2014.


3 Comments to “Charging $240,000 for a college degree is becoming more common”

  1. Do they mean Fordham University? Why would anyone spend that much money on Fordham?


  2. Don’t think much about Fordham? 🙂 But there are many colleges that charge only slightly less than $60,000/year and some families are still paying.

    Fordham does offer generous financial aid, including full tuition for National Merit Finalists. I suspect many of the local kids who attend receive significant aid.


  3. Sticker prices is totally meaningless, as the average discount is now something like 40%. One needs to compare average cost of attendance, not sticker price, to know what colleges are really costing.


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