Tough way to lose a college scholarship

by Grace

During last weekend’s Ohio State football game, student Anthony Wunder ran onto the field and was spectacularly body-slammed by one of the coaches.  Alcohol may have been involved.  This photo made the rounds on social media.


Unfortunately, it looks like he may lose his full-ride scholarship.

Fourth-year Ohio State student Anthony Wunder was suspended from all Evans Scholars activities, but remains on scholarship pending the outcome of an internal investigation, according to an official statement from the Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation.

On Wednesday, Mark Collins, Wunder’s defense attorney, said that the officials began removing Wunder from the program, which covers tuition and housing for former golf caddies.

“We are disappointed in Mr. Wunder’s actions,” the release read. “Each Evans Scholar, upon receiving the Scholarship, agrees to abide by the policies laid out by the Foundation.”

Among the scholarship requirements are “excellent academics” and “outstanding character”.

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