Don’t forget about student discounts

by Grace

The folks at Simple Dollar compiled a list of 60 student discounts from a wide range of retailers and service providers. To name a few:

  • Take 15% off J. Crew and Banana Republic in-store purchases
  • Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Dell offer discounts from 5 to 10% and you can save hundreds on laptops.
  • Flash your student ID when traveling with Greyhound and Amtrak, and shipping packages with Greyhound is 40% cheaper for students.
  • You get 20 to 30% off when you flash your ID at FedEX.

Another one worth noting is the 50% discount off Amazon’s Prime service, but if their parents subscribe students can just participate in that.

Most of these are college student discounts, but some also apply to younger students.  I try to make sure my high school daughter takes her student ID everywhere, but many merchants will give the discount even without it.


Tori Reid, “Save Big with This Huge List of 60 Student Discounts Everywhere”, LifeHacker, Dec. 5, 2014.


3 Comments to “Don’t forget about student discounts”

  1. A lot of those deals aren’t as good as they seem. The Amazon Prime deal is only for 6 months, for example, and the Amtrak deal requires that you buy into their student program, not just “flash an ID”. My son takes Amtrak often enough (4 round trips a year or more) that the student deal is worth it.


  2. The first and only time my son tried using Amtrak for travel, the train was first delayed and then cancelled due to bad weather. He then had to scramble to get a flight. It sounds as if their service is more reliable in your neck of the woods.


  3. I use Amtrak fairly often, and used it constantly back in the 90’s. It can have glitches but is far more reliable than flying.


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