French school lunches are fit for a holiday meal

by Grace

What are you having for dinner this Christmas Day?  This sounds like a wonderful holiday meal:  endive salad with herbal vinaigrette, roast veal, pureed butternut squash, emmental cheese, and vanilla flan with caramel sauce for dessert.

But wait, this delicious meal is what a Paris student eats for lunch on a typical school day.

Nina Camic happened to see a lunch schedule posted on the side of a school during a recent trip to Paris.


I won’t translate the whole thing, but the ministry has proclaimed that today, for example (“Mardi”), children from age 3 through 10 shall eat: a salad of chopped endive for starters, along with chinese cabbage with an herbal vinaigrette, then they will proceed to roast veal with a puree of butternut squash (which shall be organic), this will be followed by two cheeses — emmental and mimolette (the latter, btw, was banned by our FDA because of the way it is manufactured — the rind depends on some mite activity and the FDA appears not to like that), and finally, there seems to be a choice of two desserts — a flan, either chocolate, or vanilla with caramel sauce. This is the main meal of the day for French kids. Supper at home is a light and simple affair.

Enjoy your holiday meal today!


One Comment to “French school lunches are fit for a holiday meal”

  1. Yes, this sounds like the French school lunches I remember. Although the evening meals were not “light”. They were pretty similar to American dinners, but tastier and much later. We usually ate between 8 and 9


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