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March 2, 2015

What makes interns happy?

by Grace

Tech companies do a particularly good job of keeping their interns happy.

Technology companies dominated the list of where interns were most pleased with their jobs (12 of the top 25 were tech companies) — a perhaps unsurprising finding considering that these companies are at the forefront of workplace perks and other job satisfaction benefits for employees. But they’d better watch their backs: Scott Dobroski, a career trends analyst with, says that more old-economy companies — three oil and gas companies made the list this year — are taking a page from the tech playbook to make better environments for interns and employees alike.



What makes interns happy?

No matter the type of companies, Dobroski says the places where interns were happiest offered them three things: 1) real-world, hands-on experience; 2) the opportunity to work with dedicated and smart people; and 3) access to executives and top management.

What should interns do to help them land a post-internship job?

First, network throughout the internship so that even if the department that you currently work for doesn’t have a job opening, you will at least know people in other departments who might be able to give you a job. Second, do research throughout your internship to figure out where the jobs might be. You can do this by occasionally asking the hiring manager or other managers about the chances of getting hired or the company’s hiring outlook. Finally, toward the end of your internship, be sure to meet with your manager for a performance review in which you talk about your potential for a full-time job.

Interns like getting paid for their work.

Interesting that NBC Universal, one of the top ten companies on this happiness list, was recently the target of a “class-action lawsuit contending the interns should have been paid for their work”.  A $6.4-million settlement was shared by thousands of interns, including one kid I know very well.  NBC Universal started paying all interns in 2013, probably contributing to their interns’ happiness.


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