New York Governor Cuomo pushes tax credits for private schools

by Grace

New York Governor Cuomo has proposed a “Parental Choice in Education Act”, a $150 million tax credit benefiting private schools.

… The Act provides for $150 million in education tax credits annually that will provide:

  1. Tax credits to low-income families who send their children to nonpublic schools,
  2. Scholarships to low- and middle-income students to attend either a public school outside of their district or a nonpublic school,
  3. Incentives to public schools for enhanced educational programming (like after school programs); and,
  4. Tax credits to public school teachers for the purchase of supplies.

It’s no surprise that teacher unions oppose these proposals, while religious leaders support them.  The outlook is uncertain for passage, and the outcome may give a clue about the strength of the school choice movement in New York.

6 Comments to “New York Governor Cuomo pushes tax credits for private schools”

  1. He wants Hasidic support. It is the same reason he won’t step in and fix the mess in East Ramapo


  2. Hmm … interesting that they have such political clout. I guess while the Hasidic may not be particularly large (I’m guessing), their influence extends beyond their group and certainly into mainstream Jewish community. Are they more important than the Catholic vote? It does seem like a political no-brainer for Cuomo. His disregard of teacher unions seems not to have hurt him too much.


  3. Thyy vote completely as a bloc, unlike Catholics. And the numbers are bigger than you might think and growing fast.


  4. And private schools are their number one issue, since 100% of Hasidic kids go to yehivas, and the families are pretty poor.


  5. I think his anti union stance has killed him among many voters who normally would have supported him. I think this is especially true in Westchester and Long Island.


  6. It’s notable that Cuomo was joined by Cardinal Dolan and a black pastor at his announcement, but no mention of Hasidic leaders. Based on recent press, I doubt Hasidic have much public support these days.


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