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May 30, 2014

Public schools administrative bloat

by Grace

Over the last 40 years, K-12 administrative staff has grown at more than twice the rate of teaching staff and over fifteen times the rate of student enrollment.


So far, we have not seen a cause-and-effect relationship between increased spending on administrators and higher test scores.

If academic achievement on the NAEP is any measure, the policies of the past half century just aren’t working.

… The new NAEP scores confirm the outcomes found on the NAEP long-term-trend assessment, which has assessed reading achievement since 1971 and math achievement since 1973. Twelfth graders today perform no better in reading than high school seniors of the early 1970s.

Related:  “Public school administration staff surges in growth while test scores plunge” (Cost of College)


Lindsey Burke, “Education Spending Is Up, Test Scores Aren’t. Who’s to Blame?”, The Foundry, May 18, 2014.

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